The Crown chakra is the seventh chakra and corresponds to the pineal gland. This is a cone shaped gland which is in the centre of the brain. 
This is the inner light, sometimes seen in images as the halo of light around the holy ones and also as a small cone on top of the head. This is where we connect to all that is. This is our soul connection. 

The colour is clear – use clear quartz crystals when meditating. 

If you feel disconnected, unable to concentrate, have feelings of anxiety it could be a sign your crown chakra is out of balance. It would be really beneficial for you to start a meditation practice. 

Foods to assist balancing this energy ~
Foods like mushrooms, garlic, ginger, onion, lychee, coconut and other tropical fruits help to give you strength and power. 

Yoga asanas to assist in balancing this energy ~
~ Crow pose 
~ Plow Pose 
~ Shoulder stand 
~ Seated forward fold 
~ Lotus pose
~ Headstand 
~ Handstand 

Essential oils to assist in balancing this energy ~
These beautiful gifts from the earth can really support you if you’re feeling like your crown chakra is out of balance. Try Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose essential oils.