New yogis


New yogis

Welcome to Yoga Bare. We are excited to have you join our beautiful community!

We know that when you’re new to yoga, things can seem overwhelming – we’ve all been at this stage once upon a time! Our friendly team at Yoga Bare are here to support you and encourage you along the way.

The heat of hot yoga classes can take some getting used to. We want you to feel confident in your yoga practice with us, so we encourage you to try 3 classes, and to chat to your teacher if you have any concerns.

To ensure everyone gets the best experience from their visit to our studio, we ask that all members exercise mindfulness and cleanliness before and after class and follow these guidelines:

in the yoga studio

We look forward to seeing you on the mat. If you ever have any questions, concerns or feedback, please talk to a member of the Yoga Bare team or email


Whether your objective is to improve functional movementprevent injury or find some inner peace, Yoga Bare’s holistic approach to exercise, movement and mental wellbeing can help you achieve it.

The only hot yoga studio in the area

Easy-to-access location in Vineyard, NSW, serving the Hawkesbury community since 2013.

Highly trained yoga instructors

Our skilled and attentive yoga instructors are all Yoga Alliance Certified.

Over 10 years massage experience

Our massage therapists have the expertise to help you heal, reset and grow stronger.

Working with NRL athletes

Our team have worked with and treated many high-profile sporting names, including NRL players.

Focused on healing both body & mind

Our hot yoga classes and therapies help you rest, strengthen and nourish both body and spirit.

Move your body safely

Our professional instructors deliver over 30 classes weekly, catering to all levels and needs.


We find that attending three classes a week is a great frequency for many people. 

Bring a mat, towel and water bottle only. We have filtered water to refill bottles but do not sell bottled water. We encourage you to bring your own, but you can hire a mat for $3 and a towel for $1.50. We also offer mats in our retail area, ranging from a $25 basic version to a $100 high tech non slip mat.

Yes, it is best to book your class on our app or website as some classes get booked out. You can also turn up and hope for the best, but a spot in class cannot be guaranteed.

Yes, please enjoy our changeroom and shower facilities with complimentary organic hair and body wash products from iKOU, as well as a hairdryer and GHD straightener. If you forget your shower towel you can hire a bath towel and face washer kit for $2.

No, but we do have a fantastic introductory offer for new yogis. You can currently try up to 10 in studio classes and unlimited virtual classes over a 30 day period for only $79. This allows you to experience the wide range of classes we offer – and we encourage you to try as many as you can!

For security reasons, and as a courtesy to other attendees, the door is locked after class starts. Always aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting.

For security reasons, and sometimes during wild weather, we may put the roller door down. Fear not! If the class is on the schedule, it is on, and if you have arrived in good time, someone will open up very soon.

There are 3 sheltered parking spots directly outside our unit, marked with a sign. There are also a couple of spots at the back of the building and ample street parking. Please respect our neighbours by refraining from parking in front of any roller doors or spots that aren’t marked with our signage.

Despite what our name suggests, we do request that you wear clothes! Dress comfortably in clothes that do not restrict movement, and that you are ready to sweat in. Men often practice in lightweight moveable shorts with a singlet or tee. Women most often practice in tights, singlets, shorts or crops.

In short, ANY of our classes. Some classes will be more challenging than others, but when it comes to yoga, your practice knows no judgement. It is you, your mat and whatever level you are at. If you are feeling very cautious however, then General Yoga is gentler and is not heated. As you get to know our teachers, you will learn who’s teaching style and pace best suit you.

Yes. We now have an 8 weeks pregnancy series, which is an amazing journey incorporating all aspect of pregnancy both mental and physical. 

Looking for a more standard practice, all our teachers are all well-educated about the needs of mums-to-be. Any of our non-heated General classesMeditation and even Yin can be suitable and support you throughout your pregnancy.

You can read all class descriptions here, take note of the estimated room temperature and also check out the teacher’s bio to get an indication of how the class will flow.

No, we are not a Bikram Yoga studio. Bikram Choudhury founded and operates the franchise known as ‘Bikram Yoga’ which is an unchanging 90-minute sequence of static postures in a room heated to above 40°C. Studio founder Karren completed her training with Jimmy Barkan. The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga that originated in Calcutta, India, but also draws from various styles of yoga.

At Yoga Bare, the hot room is kept between 31°C and 36°C, our teachers draw from their own training and experience while structuring their classes so you will enjoy a variety of teachings and sequences during each class. Please refer to Class Styles to find more detail about the focus of each class.

We recommend eating a meal no less than 1.5 hours before class, just to lessen the strain on your digestive system. It’s recommended though, that if you suffer with low blood sugar or have tendencies to feel lightheaded during exercise, to have a light snack of fruit or nuts before class.

You should honour your body, drink plenty of water and rest. When you feel better and are no longer contagious, venture back to the studio. Illness can cause residual fatigue, so leave the judgment behind and only do what your body is happy to do upon your return. Healing on all levels takes time and that is OK – we arent going anywhere.


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