“Bhāvanā” is a Sanskrit word used to describe your mindset in your yoga practice. From the Sanskrit root bhū, or “to be”, bhāvanā means to cultivate proper intention. It is said that to achieve yoga’s highest goal, we must first develop an appropriate attitude towards our practice. The practice of bhāvanā is used to find compassion and kindness as you move through your asanas (poses).

Tips for practicing bhāvanā:
♡ Turn the corners of your mouth up- remember to smile during your practice.
♡ Feel into happy and positive memories as you move.
♡ Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe joy into your heart space.
♡ Remind yourself what a privilege it is to come together in a beautiful space to practice yoga.

In summary, bhāvanā is a meditation technique used to invite more kindness and compassion within the self to acquire positive characteristics and create positive change.
x x May you always practice yoga with a sense of joy x x