About us


Hot yoga classes and holistic therapies to help you reset, strengthen and nourish your body and spirit.

Yoga Bare is a hot yoga and massage therapy studio located in Vineyard, NSW, a short drive from Rouse Hill. The only hot yoga studio in the area, we have been serving the Hawkesbury community since being founded by Karren Lette in 2013. Our weekly schedule includes over 30 yoga classes of different styles delivered by our skilled and attentive teachers. Experience the authentic yoga experience at Yoga Bare today, and make a lifestyle change for a better tomorrow.

Offering a truly unique a range of classes for all schedules and levelswe encourage our students to journey within and to add more flexibility to their lives, both physically and mentally.

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A modern studio, Yoga Bare has two custom-built yoga rooms, as well as a retail space that stocks quality yoga apparel and unique gifts, and two treatment rooms in which you can enjoy a variety of holistic therapies to nourish the body and spirit.

For your comfort and convenience before and after your hot yoga or massage experience, we provide spacious changing rooms and hot showers, complete with organic hair and body wash products.

Whether your objectives are functional exercise to help you move better in your daily activities, injury prevention, or to find some inner peace in your busy life, Yoga Bare’s approach to exercise, movement and mental wellbeing is truly holistic. We look forward to welcoming you to our community and helping you strip back the stress of modern living to reset and find a stronger, calmer you.




Karren Ogg

I remember the first time I read those words. I had been dabbling in yoga for couple of years and was noticing the physical benefits of a strength based practice. After a class I would always feel a yoga bliss wash over me but I never fully understood those words  until Yoga Bare. Then I realised how YOGA had saved me!

Having spent 15 years working as a sport massage therapist, I was looking for a therapy that i could work with my clients in healing them on a permanent bases. My journey took me through Personal Training, Functional Correctional Training, even Kinisiology but none I found were sustainable.

Then I found HOT YOGA! The infra red heating healed the soft tissue, the heat stimulated systems like cardiovascular and metabolism, the movement of asana strengthen and lengthened, toned and released.

As I was challenged to find the depth of my practice I was encouraged to release my EGO, my fears, my anxieties, and as I did injuries both physical and emotional ones healed. For the first time in my life i could stand tall, both physically and metaphorically without pain or anxiety.

I didn't just arrive on my mat as a Yoga Teacher, authentic and strong, leading the way. Like so many other people, I had to go through the dark to get to the light.

This transformational journey is not limited to a select few it is available to all that are ready to open themselves to the possibility of change.

In my class you will be challenged with a strong practice, finding breath and movement, you will sweat and you will grow. You will also learn of self awareness, self kindness, self love.


Anika Day

  1. I first discovered yoga in 2012 when on a whim I decided to take a heated vinyasa class in my hometown, Newcastle. It felt like a gift. The teachings helped me to calm my mind and anxiety and my physical body started to heal. Yoga inspires me to live each day more mindfully. I am so grateful that now, as a teacher, I can share this gift with you.
    I have travelled the world as a singer, dancer and performer. Since completing my studies in Performing Arts I have worked for Universal Studios, Norwegian Cruise Line and the famous Sydney Showboat as lead singer and MC. I draw on my creative background to construct strong, breath-focused flows that feel joyous in the body.
    2020 found me based in Sydney and guided me deeper into my personal practice and teaching. My mission as a yoga teacher is to create a loving and warm space for students to practice and make yoga accessible for all. I look forward to connecting with each one of you. 

Anneriek Favelle

I believe we all have the qualities within ourselves to live a healthy and fulfilled life. When we harness our intuition, let go of our inner judgements and fears, we can heal ourselves and see how beautiful and strong we really are. We can become our authentic selves and it is this authentic self that will create a connection to like minded people, people who will support you on your path. People who will encourage and inspire you to become your true self Yoga can help you on this path.

Yoga is a tool to help you understand how wonderful you already are. Through my teaching I like to facilitate inner growth and a sense of connection. I'd like to give people an opportunity to let go of their self-judgement and just look at themselves with great appreciation. To connect their breath and movement, their body and mind, to find their inner power.

I like to work around the individual needs of my students, working at different levels. Allowing everyone to find their own path, creating a deep understanding of what is good for YOU.


Angela Collins

In my early 20’s I discovered yoga and quickly realised the amazing benefits of regular practise.

In 1998 I completed a Diploma of Therapeutic/Remedial Massage along with a Certificate of Reflexology & Nutrition.

For 15 years I worked for myself doing everything I loved, including lots of yoga!

In 2014 trained in Pilates Matwork. Pilates is for everyone. The six fundamental principles of pilates are breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision. All excercises can be progressed or regressed for individual needs. When practised regularly pilates builds core strength, balance and stability.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness-Joseph Piltaes

Soon to follow I completed my Booty Barre Instructor course. Booty Barre is a combination of pilates, dance, yoga and lots of fun. This is a cheeky, fast paced, high energy workout using balls, bands and the barre that will give the booty a great workout!


Emma Corbett

Emma is a circus performer and former Australian Pole Champion. She is trained in Purna, Rocket and Yin Yoga as well as yoga nidra. She has been a guest instructor at Bali Silent Retreat and the H2OYoga and Meditation Centre onGili Air.

She has presented at the Evolve Yoga Festival in Byron Bay, IDEA in LA, Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and Filex in Sydney. She helped create the Barre program "Candy Barre" for Madonna's gym, HardCandy and created the Vertical Barre program for Suzie Q Pole Studio.

She is delighted to be joining the Yoga Bare team and looks forward to helping you not sweat the small stuff in yoga... and really sweat the small stuff in Pilates and Barre!


Sophie Alize

I have always adored movement. I have been dancing since childhood, discovering Yoga at 20 years of age. My first Yoga class was a 40 degree Bikram class, of which I hated every moment, - funnily enough now, Hot Flow is my favourite practice. I was encouraged to try another class and I’m so happy I did, from my second class onwards I was hooked.

What I loved most from the beginning was the grounding nature of Yoga. The freedom I felt to stretch it all out, but unlike regular stretch class, the magic of the breath work took everything to a deeper level. Yoga helped ground me and keep me out of my head, both on and off the matt. I noticed my moods, energy levels and strength differ so greatly when I was practicing regularly, and just generally loved my self more.

I like to challenge students physically and emotionally to allow Yoga to guide them into a deeper understanding of themselves. I place massive emphasis on breath and, like a cheer squad on the side of the football field, I rally the breath so I can hear it, feel it, making sure they are in their bodies not just moving through the motions.

I like to encourage students to take their Yoga beyond the mat, to practice being human in a way that makes the world a little brighter.

Throughout my Yoga journey I have continued to teach dance and other fitness classes, continuing my education and passion for movement. This journey has led me to a love of Pilates and Pilates Barre. My Barre classes are fun yet challenging. I like to continually bring fresh, new and different routines to keep students inspired, smiling and having fun.

It’s fun for me to teach many different classes. I know when to be the life of the party, cranking my favourite 90’s remixes, and when to bring the grounding energy. I have a very calming presence in yoga and an uplifting presence in Barre and my more energetic classes.


Kala Poisel

Kala comes from a professional dance background. In her early twenties she traveled the world as a dancer and singer in Musical Theatre production shows.

He love of movement and the body then moved her into the fitness industry - and she has been working as Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach and Zumba instructor for the last 10 years.

In 2015 she found and completed her trainings for Mat Pilates and Yoga.
In these practices she found the perfect balance of working and caring for her body - a gentleness she had not known dancing professionally. The flow of breath and movement, the connection of the mind and body - became a way she could help heal not only others, but herself.
She has since trained in Barre Pilates and it quickly became her favourite program to teach - where she can implement parts of all of her trainings to help strengthen and tone students in a low impact manner.

Kala is very passionate about all of the programs she teaches and is honoured to be able to share these practices with others.


Flora Cauchi

  • 200h YTT (focus on Vinyasa Yoga, taught by Level 3 Sr yoga teacher Anneriek Favelle)
  • 40h Yin Yoga training (Anneriek Favelle)
  • 35h Prana Vinyasa (with Shiva Rea: international teacher and founder of Prana Vinyasa)

Flora’s mission is to be a facilitator for all her students to reap the physical and mental benefits that come from synchronising body movements with breath work.

In 2013 she fell in love with how much self-discovery practicing yoga brings through mindfulness, relaxation, flexibility and strength training. Yoga has changed her life and her body in a way she could never have imagined. It has made her stronger, more flexible, centred and an overall calmer person. Now she wants to share that passion for yoga with those around her.

Flora’s additional specialisation in Yin Yoga and Prana Vinyasa allows her to guide the students through a path of self-discovery of their bodies and their minds through their yoga practice. She does that by teaching that turning their focus inward can instil a great sense of respect for both body and mind. Furthermore, Flora creates an environment in which her students can practice at their own pace and challenge themselves as they wish.