"The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has it's own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein

It is your first time, you are a little nervous, we understand! So we have put together some FAQ's to help you find your feet.


Where should I park?
There are 3 sheltered spots directly outside our factory unit - these are noted with a sign. There are a couple of spots to the back of the factory and ample street parking. We ask kindly to keep the neighbours happy by not parking your vehicle in front of any roller doors, or in spots that aren't marked with our signage.


I have arrived and it looks locked up?
For security reasons (and sometimes during crazy weather) we might have put the roller door down. Fear not! If the class is on the schedule, it is on, and some one will open up very soon.


What do I need to bring?

  • We recommend that you bring water, or at least a water bottle. We have filtered water for refilling but, being environmentally conscious, we do not sell bottled water in order to encourage less waste and more reuse.
  • A Towel. Some people even like to place a towel over their mat to help with any slip issues that may arise. We do have towels available to hire in the hot room for as little as $1.50
  • A Yoga Mat. It's OK if you don't have your own. For your first visit we will loan you a complimentary Hire Mat. If you love yoga we recommend you invest in your own mat, (it's always nice to know the history of your mat especially when you are sweating on it!!). Of course you can buy a mat at many retailers and we do also have them in stock ranging from a basic mat at $25 to a high tech non slip mat for $100. We also have them available for hire @ $3 if you are still uncertain.


What do I wear?

Despite what the name suggests we do encourage you to wear clothes. Ultimately dress comfortably in clothes that do not restrict movement, and that you are ready to sweat in. Men often practice in light-weight moveable shorts with a singlet or tee. Women most often practice in tights, singlets, shorts or crops. Its all about what you are comfortable in, brand names make no difference to your ability to achieve a quiet mind (weird we know!).


I have somewhere to be after class, can I get changed?

Yes of course! We are so proud of our bathroom facilities we hope you use and enjoy them. All showers are equipped with the amazing Australian Organic iKOU range with Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash available. There is also a GHD and Hair Dryer. If you forget your shower towel no biggie we have a bathroom kit just for you for only $2 including bath towel and face washer. 


I've never done yoga before what is the best class for me?

Short answer; every class! Sure some classes will be more challenging then others, but when it comes to yoga, your practice knows no judgement. It is you, your mat and whatever level you are at. If you are super nervous though, classes like General Yoga are more gentle and non heated. As you get to know our teachers, you will learn who's teaching style you enjoy most, and how caters to your preferred pace.


I am pregnant is there a class for me?
Yes while you may not see a "Pregnancy Class" on our schedule we have made sure our teachers are all well educated on the needs of mums to be. Any of our Non Heated General classes, Meditation and even Yin can be suitable for you and support you throughout this experience. 

How will I know what to expect from each class?
You can read all class descriptions here, take note on the estimated room temperature and also check out the teachers bio this will give you a good indication of how the class will flow.


Is it Bikram Yoga?
No, we are not a Bikram Yoga studio. Bikram Choudhury founded and operates the franchise known as ‘Bikram Yoga’ which is an unchanging 90-minute sequence of static postures in a room heated to above 40 C. Studio owner Karren completed her training with Jimmy Barkan. The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga that originated from a lineage in Calcutta, India, but that draws from various styles of yoga.

At Yoga Bare, the hot room is kept between 31C and 36C, our teachers draw from their own training and experience while structuring their classes so you will enjoy a variety of teachings and sequences during each class. Please refer to Class Styles to find more detail about the focus of each class.

Can I eat before class?
We recommend eating a meal no less then 1.5 hours before class, just to lessen the strain on your digestive system. It's recommended though, that if you suffer with low blood sugar or have tendencies to feel light headed during exercise, to have a light snack before class (e.g. a piece of fruit or some nuts). 

I have been sick, what should I do?

First up you should honour your body, drink plenty of water and rest. Once you are feeling better and no longer contagious then venture back to the studio and onto your mat. Sometimes illness can fatigue us, so make sure you leave the judgment behind and only do what your body is happy to do. Healing on all levels takes time and that is ok, we arent going anywhere. 


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