Karren Ogg

"When people first come to yoga its to tone their bodies, but they often stay for their minds." Baron Baptiste. 
I remember the first time I read those words. I had been dabbling in yoga for couple of years and was noticing the physical benefits of a strength based practice. After a class I would always feel a yoga bliss wash over me but I never fully understood those words  until Yoga Bare. Then I realised how YOGA had saved me!
Having spent 15 years working as a sport massage therapist, I was looking for a therapy that i could work with my clients in healing them on a permanent bases. My journey took me through Personal Training, Functional Correctional Training, even Kinisiology but none I found were sustainable.
Then I found HOT YOGA! The infra red heating healed the soft tissue, the heat stimulated systems like cardiovascular and metabolism, the movement of asana strengthen and lengthened, toned and released.
As I was challenged to find the depth of my practice I was encouraged to release my EGO, my fears, my anxieties, and as I did injuries both physical and emotional ones healed. For the first time in my life i could stand tall, both physically and metaphorically without pain or anxiety. 
I didn't just arrive on my mat as a Yoga Teacher, authentic and strong, leading the way. Like so many other people, I had to go through the dark to get to the light.
This transformational journey is not limited to a select few it is available to all that are ready to open themselves to the possibility of change.
In my class you will be challenged with a strong practice, finding breath and movement, you will sweat and you will grow. You will also learn of self awareness, self kindness, self love. 
Cant wait to share this journey with you. 
See you on the mat.
Big Love <3

Karren Ogg instructs the following:
  • Babysitters Club
  • Yoga Bare's Baby Sitting service is run by Karren Ogg.
    Let us take care of your cherubs - allowing you the joy some 'you' time.
    Please book into this class if you are bringing your little ones to the Yoga or Pilates class that's on at the same time so that we know to organise a grown up to mind them while you sweat it out. 
    Karren has necessary police checks to work with children, is trained in first aid and has had many years experience with children having been a McDonald's kids party hostess played Aunty Karren to 20+ kids, and has recently become a mumma herself.

  • Hot Flow
  • Room Temp. = 36°C
    This modern style of yoga uses traditional teachings and ideas, in a modern setting to create unity in mind, body and breath.
    Hot Yoga uses infrared heating to promote healing of soft tissues and joints. This type of heat nurtures muscles and promotes healthy circulation, can help reduce swelling and increase flexibility.
    This setting makes for a challenging practice, during which you will be encouraged to deepen your understanding of your breath, your body, its limits, and this life. 
    Please refer to the Teachers bio to further understand the elements of yoga that will be included in this class, individual to the background and training of each of our Teachers.
    Suitable for all levels, all classes can be modified to suit beginners or long term practitioners. Please arrive early to speak to the Teacher if you have any concerns.

  • Essential Yoga
  • The Essential Yoga program is the result of a collaboration that brings together our varied yet similar paths and our shared love of dōTERRA essential oils and yoga. Yoga transforms our physical, emotional and spiritual lives while essential oils have been used throughout history to support and heal those same connections. 
    Payment for this class is by donation and all profits will be sent to our favourite charity.