Roseanne Williams

My first experience of Bowen Therapy was 12 years ago following a major car accident in which I sustained whiplash and a head injury, resulting in debilitating migraines. I tried many therapies from acupuncture, Chiro, Physio & remedial massage. These all offered a degree of temporary but non-lasting relief. Then I found Bowen Therapy - and it changed my life.

Bowen is a gentle yet profound therapy consisting of a series of gentle, rolling movements over muscles, tendons and fascia. It enables the body to find its own way to healing on all levels, physical, emotional & spiritual.

I now combine Bowen Therapy, Acupressure and Reiki as well as being an accredited TRE Core Release and Trauma Release Facilitator. TRE Core Release is a series of exercises designed to help release built-up tension patterns and trauma from the body. Those who are familiar with the "shakes" sometimes experienced with Yoga and Pilates will be familiar with these neurogenic tremors which are initiated by exercise and can help bring body, mind and soul back into balance and a state of well-being.

I look forward to meeting and helping you on your journey to healing!

Roseanne Williams is currently not instructing any classes.