iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

This class is taught by:

Holly DeCarvalho

Holly has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 8 years, falling in love with the peace, tranquility and self love the practice has brought to her.

Holly did her first Teacher Training with Samadhi Bliss(now known as Jivamukti yoga), learning a vinyasa based style.
Then in 2009 Holly travelled to India while studying Ayurveda, & discovered the Sivananda Hatha style of yoga , a completely different practice to what she new. Straight away she went back to India to train in the Vedanta Ashram.
Not long after, Holly then became a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and her journey is continually growing deeper.

Holly is also a Naturopath & Kinesiologist, trained in Nutrition/Diet advice along with Herbal Medicine and combines that with her study of Chinese Medicine and Eastern Philosophies to help one achieve health and balance.

Glenis Wright

My journey into yoga was a progressive one, first starting my practice over 15 years ago. It was developed out of a need to unwind, move, stretch and reduce my stress.
I was amazed how yoga alleviated stress from the busy corporate world. Working for 20 years in the corporate sector for the biggest media company in the country, I know only too well the effects of sitting for long periods and working under stressful demands can do to your body and mind.
My love of yoga increased my curiosity and awareness into the full benefits, which created a thirst for more, leading to my training over the last few years. I completed my 350hr Yoga Teacher Training Diploma in 2014 with Baulkham Hills Yoga Studio and followed up in 2015 training with the Yoga Institute to complete my Level one iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training.

I feel truly blessed to be able to share these beautiful practices of Yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra with you

In my class you will be challenged to slow down, examine and feel into your practice. We will work on learning the skills to quieten your mind to create an inner sanctuary of well-being and equanimity that underlies all circumstances you may encounter in your life.

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is integrative in that it heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind.
It is restorative in that it aids its practitioners in recognizing their underlying peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.

People using iRest report:

Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression
Decreased insomnia and sleep disturbances
Decreased perception of chronic and acute pain
Improved interpersonal relations
Increased energy levels
Increased sense of control in their lives
More confidence and joy in their lives
Greater sense of peace and well-being

iRest programs are typically taught as a guided meditation. Students can lie down or sit comfortably during the practice.