Hot Flow

This class is taught by:

Rachel Kousal

Yoga has been a constant in my life for over 25 years. Little did I know on that first day an innovative school teacher took my class through a guided meditation, that I would connect with a practice that would come to bring me great fulfilment in many aspects of my life.

In the intervening years, I explored different styles of physical practice, including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Bikram, and had many attempts at meditation. There would be periods when I didn’t practice at all, but I was always drawn back, seeking out a studio in every city I lived and developing a home practice. I knew I needed yoga in my life even if I didn’t know why!

In 2016 I got serious and made a New Years Resolution to at least ‘touch my mat every single day’. It could be a class in a studio, or a 5 minute Savasana before bed. It didn't matter, as long as I did something every day and followed through on my commitment to prioritise yoga in my life.

That commitment has not only transformed my physical practice, but also set me on a path where I’m hungry to cultivate my knowledge of all aspects yoga, and to share it’s benefits through teaching others.

What I also discovered is that when I’m on my mat, I can connect to a part of myself where I feel both completely at home, and completely free.

I believe wholeheartedly in the physical - emotional - spiritual - intellectual connection within us all, and have found in yoga a model for life that allows me to connect and achieve the balance I need to be the best version of myself.

I am passionate about teaching yoga so I can support others in discovering what yoga can bring to their lives.

In my class you’ll find a strong flows, deep releases and breath work, in an atmosphere of support and kindness where you can challenge yourself or just let go.

See you on the mat!

Ianthe Goodwin-Brickhill

Ianthe's classes are built on a life long fascination with the
body-mind and the joy of inquiry within.
From an early age Ianthe
practiced dance and bodywork and found yoga while studying a Bachelor
of Fine Arts Dance in Brisbane ten years ago. Since then she has
travelled to India, Thailand, California, China and Chile continuing
studies in Hatha, Agama yoga, Ashtanga, Somatic bodywork and contact improvisation.
Drawing from these practices Ianthe teaches a class
that can be both challanging and deeply relaxing and aspires toward
creating an environment where we can drop our fears, understand our
desires and move into a deeper awareness of our true self.

Anneriek Favelle

I believe we all have the qualities within ourselves to live a healthy and fulfilled life. When we harness our intuition, let go of our inner judgements and fears, we can heal ourselves and see how beautiful and strong we really are. We can become our authentic selves and it is this authentic self that will create a connection to like minded people, people who will support you on your path. People who will encourage and inspire you to become your true self Yoga can help you on this path...

Yoga is a tool to help you understand how wonderful you already are. Through my teaching I like to facilitate inner growth and a sense of connection. I'd like to give people an opportunity to let go of their self-judgement and just look at themselves with great appreciation. To connect their breath and movement, their body and mind, to find their inner power.

I like to work around the individual needs of my students, working at different levels. Allowing everyone to find their own path, creating a deep understanding of what is good for YOU.

I am a Level 3 Senior Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia and have practiced yoga for over 17 years and taught for over 15 years. I completed over 1000 hours of training, and am certified in both Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

Recently I have completed an advanced international teacher training with Mark Stephens (California) in order to develop further skills to mentor and teach other yoga teachers.

In my teaching I like to offer strong classes where students are challenged in order to find strength and self belief. My teaching is filled with energy and joy. New and challenging poses fascinate me, however nothing gives me more joy than working on foundational poses and experiencing how extremely challenging these ‘basic’ postures are when practiced correctly.

The balance yoga offers in strength and flexibility of both body and mind is truly amazing.


Caitie Steel

Yoga has taught me how to be my best and true self. Trying to let go of the thought that I always need to improve one way or another. To be happy on where I am on my journey as there will always be something new or something more I want to ask of myself. Letting go of that idea of improvement allows me to be who I am at the core.

In my classes I offer to help students find that idea of letting go of what we expect of ourselves and trying to stay present in the moment by flowing with the breath through asanas. We are all at different points in our journey and are all coming for different reasons. Putting whatever it is in our minds aside and taking some time for ourselves to help us grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Deepening our understanding of ourselves by creating an awareness of our thoughts, actions and behaviours on and off the mat.

Taigen Bullen

There is not a thing in my life that my yoga practice hasn’t touched, shaped or influenced in some way. My journey began in 2014 and has since taken on a life force of its own.

Through movement of the body with the breath we are able to cease the fluctuations of the mind and enter a space where we experience peace and nonresistance to what is. When we come to our mats we are saying yes to self exploration, yes to growth, yes to embracing all that we are in this moment.

Vinyasa yoga is the beautiful lovechild of Ashtanga and Iyengar, and my passion. Combining the power of breath, mindful movement, asanas, intelligent sequencing and meditation, the mind and body are enticed to go deeper into that which it already knows is abundant.

My classes will draw on these principles, encouraging you to embody your true self, find your core, challenge your limits and guide you through the waves of movement and stillness alike.

Looking forward to flowing with you xo

Rebecca Gonthier

My classes are filled with movements and inspirations from my personal practice, and tend to focus largely on creating space within the body, as well as creating new movement pathways with strength and mindful movement.

For me, yoga has been key in allowing me to tap deeper into energetics of the body, from the way tension behaves as pain, to the way spirit gently encourages us to open up. 

I will encourage you to let go a little, in order to open yourself up to the profound effect that subtle changes can have on us, on and off the mat. I think we've lost touch with all that really matters in life and as a teacher, I can't show you what to find, but I can show you where to look. 


Room Temp. = 36°C
This modern style of yoga uses traditional teachings and ideas, in a modern setting to create unity in mind, body and breath.
Hot Yoga uses infrared heating to promote healing of soft tissues and joints. This type of heat nurtures muscles and promotes healthy circulation, can help reduce swelling and increase flexibility.
This setting makes for a challenging practice, during which you will be encouraged to deepen your understanding of your breath, your body, its limits, and this life. 
Please refer to the Teachers bio to further understand the elements of yoga that will be included in this class, individual to the background and training of each of our Teachers.
Suitable for all levels, all classes can be modified to suit beginners or long term practitioners. Please arrive early to speak to the Teacher if you have any concerns.

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